Shipping & Returns


You have the ability to choose the speed and therefore the cost of your shipping through CanadaPost.ca. Most of the time the cost is very close, but if we can shave anything off that cost once there is a paid order to measure and weigh, we will do so for you and refund the difference. 

But, if the shipping module is considerably off on an order (glitches do happen), then we will contact you about it to see what will work best for you and your shipment. If you do not reply to our email within a couple of days we will ship your order as close as possible to what you have asked for. You still have the option of choosing the old Zone Rates and then we will get the best price and speed for your order and refund any overage on your payment. EVERY order, once submitted and paid for, is assembled, packaged, weighed and processed generally within one business day (Monday to Friday). At that time, the actual cost of shipping is invoiced and if any additional freight has been charged by the shopping cart it is automatically refunded on that day.

All shipping takes place the next business day following receipt of payment and processing (again, all of this is Monday to Friday only). You will automatically receive an email when the status of your order has changed so you will know when it is being shipped.


If you find that you have purchased something incorrectly and would like to return it for a refund, please contact us prior to sending so we will know why it is showing up! Once received your refund will be processed and mailed to you less a $10.00 restock charge to cover all the costs incurred with returns. There is a 30 day limit for returning materials.

Damaged Goods:

Within 30 days, if for any reason a material you have received is damaged, please let us know. This work is on an extremely tight budget, so the damaged goods will have to be returned to us so that we can take it up with the manufacturer and get a refund for them. As soon as the damaged goods arrive here, your replacement piece will be shipped out to you at our cost.

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