Privacy Notice

Your privacy is critical here at Ave Maria's

For that reason the information you entrust to us is NEVER sold or given away for any reason or price. It is used solely for the completion of the order or request that you make of us.

In order to complete your order, your information is given to us using a completely secured site. While you are on this website, it is secured on each page so no one else can see what you are doing while here. When you make a payment, it is done using the fully secured PayPal site as well. Once your order is prepared for shipment, (Canadian government mail) is used to facilitate shipment and I must log on to their secured site to produce shipping documents.

I am seriously protective of your information as though it was my own, so the security on this website is checked every 3 months (best practicies policy). Each time your information needs to be used, I am aware that full security is in place for all steps along the way.  

You are welcome to log in to your account anytime and in there you will see whatever information is stored here for your use. If for any reason you would like your account deleted from, just let us know. All your contact information would be deleted for you and it will be confirmed for you that it has been done.

Please rest assured that anything saved here is for your benefit only and will be deleted whenever you ask. If there is no action on your account within a few years, it is deleted for your protection anyway.

God bless you and reward you,

Debbie Van den Brandt