Rosary Design Ideas


Some ways of setting your work apart! Dress up the Our Fathers of a Rosary or use in making decade Rosary bracelets or even necklaces in the form of a Rosary.

Please email us if you have ideas and pictures to contribute, they would be appreciated by all of us.


Barrel Weave chain on smokey quartz beads

Barrel Weave chain on Smokey Quartz

Bead halo bracelet

Bead halo bracelet

7mm oval bead halos

Bead halo Our Fathers (7mm oval beads)

8mm bead halos

Bead halo Our Fathers (8mm round beads)

Caged Our Father beads

Caged Our Father bead

Flower spacers

Flower spacer

Interrupted Byzantine chain

Labradorite with Interupted Byzantine chain

Metal bead spacer

Metal bead spacer

Moonstone with decorative chain

Moonstone with small and large jump ring stacked chain

Ocean Jasper with decorative chain, caged Our Fathers and caps

Ocean Jasper with Orbited Our Fathers

Seed bead spacers

Seed bead spacer

Triple chain

Triple chain

Wire work Our Father

Wirework Our Father

Oval wire work on Our Father

Wirework Oval Our Father

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