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There were many months of nights and $2,000 in printing required for the last colour catalogue so have decided against doing that again. Instead, you now have the option of picking and choosing the pages you use most or would like and print them yourself! You are welcome to print the entire catalogue if you like and it is completely FREE!

The link to those pages is: CATALOGUE (print your own) You can also find it in the menu on the right of your screen



From 6:30pm to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday is when I'm available for phone calls.

There are not enough people ordering rosary materials anymore so I must support myself and this work by working for someone else during the day. Evenings and weekends I'm here to work for Our Lady.

Please feel free to email as that is checked periodically during the day as well, and I will get back to you as fast as I possibly can.


*** Please note that in order to maintain the volume of work and the lowest pricing possible, Ave Maria's Circle must remain MAIL ORDER ONLY. There are absolutely no pickups done at our location. We are sorry if this causes a problem for you, but this policy must be maintained for the good of all of us. ***

There are insurance and licensing restrictions as well that force me to maintain this policy.




All weekends and Holy Days, Canadian statutory holidays.



We are working for the Glory of God and the healing of the Body of Christ. This we are blessed to do in our Holy Roman Catholic Church through prayer, service and sacrifice.

Based in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada we make rosaries and have available for sale, rosary supplies to other rosary enthusiasts. Praise God that you are joining us for the infinite blessings received from rosary making and the propagation of The Holy Roman Catholic Faith.

Rest assured of our prayers for you and your loved ones, and thank you so much for your interest in these materials. In your charity, please pray for us and our work too.

May The Holy Trinity bless you abundantly through the intercession of Mary and St. Joseph, and may each and every Saint in Heaven and every soul in Purgatory intercede for you at least once in your life!

Debbie Van den Brandt (Wojcik)

Ave Marias Circle