World Mission Rosary

5 Colour Nations Rosary


Each set of beads on the World Mission Rosary is a different color:

Yellow is for Asia, where the sun rises first each day

Red is for the Americas, where missionaries journeyed, “on fire” with faith in Jesus

White is for Europe, home to the Pope, clothed in white

Blue is for the islands of the Pacific, surrounded by the ocean waters

Green is for Africa, with its many trees and plants.

To pray the World Mission Rosary, think about each area of the world when you start a new set of beads. Archbishop Sheen, who may one day be a saint of the Church, used to say that when you had finished praying the World Mission Rosary, you have given the world a “great big hug”!

You can read more on Archbishop Sheen and his promotion of this particular rosary at The Harrisburg Diocese website.

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