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Chastity Rosary

The Chastity Rosary

No colours evoke deeper sentiments than white and red. White is the colour of innocence and virginity. It recalls the purity of Baptism, First Communion and wedding days. Red is the colour of courage and martyrdom. It conjures images of Christ's passion, of blood spilt in concentration camps, of the martyrdom of the unborn in abortion. In our own century Blessed Faustina witnessed the white and red rays of Our Lord's merciful heart and Our Blssed Mother offered St. Maximillian Kolbe the white crown of chastity and the red crown of martyrdom; he embraced both.

In the new millennium, young people are challenged as was St. Maximillian Kolbe. Like him they are called to the white crown of chastity and the red crown of courage. The chastity rosary is a depiction of youth’s mission. Each rosary is white with a single red bead. Through Our Lady’s intercession, therefore the white flower of purity is preserved. Only a single red bead remains as a stark reminder of the bloody reparation for God’s mercy extends to all who are repentant. We encourage young people, indeed all people, to use the chastity rosary as a sign of their consecration to the Blessed Mother and their commitment to chastity and the pro-life movement.

The Feast of the Annunciation

March 25, 1999

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