Winter Sale

The next Winter Sale runs from February 9th to March 7th, 2020. Here's hoping that it will help us all to get busy and make rosaries for the Missions, which is a great Lenten act of charity, but also to help with your spring rosary making needs. Traditionally there are lots of First Communion, Confirmation and Baptisms in the spring so taking time to make your rosaries now will help to speed up the winter :D)

The conditions are few:

- spend $50.00 or more before taxes (where applicable) and shipping
- place your order on the internet and make payment either by credit card or by cheque/check/money order and have both your order and payment in by March 5th, 2020.
- use the coupon code Winter Sale during check out and you will receive your 5% off!
Yes, this sale is even eligible for the plastic mission products except for the normally exempt materials (Crucifixes, centres, string and rosary leaflet #811).

Please note this is an ADDITIONAL 5% off! You can only enter one coupon code, so please use the Winter Sale coupon code and we will add in any additional discounts you are eligible for as well when processing your order and refund them once your order is invoiced.

This discount applies to in stock product only and special orders are not eligible. Being stock materials, shipping will still take place the next business day as usual. Shipments can not be postponed.

If you have further questions, please see the Contact Page and email your question.

May The Holy Family bless and keep you,
Debbie Wojcik



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