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Ask a Question About School Kits - 50 x 9mm string and spacer rosaries - Sch8 x 50

(image for) School Kits - 50 x 9mm string and spacer rosaries - Sch8 x 50


Included here are the more frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.!). Please feel free to use the Contact Page to send us an email with your question if you don't receive help from these more common questions.

-Discount is not working

-Shipping Costs


Discount is not showing up in the shopping cart:

There are discounts available when you purchase here at Ave Maria's Circle. Some are for Mission Pricing when you purchase certain mission rosary making items and others are Bulk Discounts or Discount Coupons on qualifying items.

Mission pricing can only be given by us when your order is paid for and processed. A human must review the order while packaging to make sure the criteria are met. When that does happen, you will receive the mission pricing during invoicing and the excess funds will be refunded to you that day.


For Bulk Discounts, some items have a BULK product close by. That is the larger package with the already discounted price. Choosing this for your shopping cart also obtains more accurate shipping weight so your freight price will be closer to correct the first time. All bulk items are showing their correct bulk pricing so there is nothing extra you need to do.


With Discount Coupons, there is a full page to explain those here.  Some items do not qualify for the discount coupons and so may give you an error message when you try to use the coupon codes. The easiest way to deal with that is simply pop a message in the notes when checking out to apply your discount coupon. We will review it for you just in case anything was missed.


Your order will be packaged and processed by a human so it will be reviewed to make sure you receive all the discounts possible. As there is often better pricing on freight, we simply complete your order and then are able to get a final price and do one refund at the time of invoicing and shipping. That is also the time that we email you that your order is complete and being shipped out.



Shipping Costs:

These have been explained on the Shipping and Refunds page....


The shopping cart is connected to Canada Post and will give you all the options possible for shipping your order from Woodstock, Ontario to you as long as you have signed in and therefore given the address that your order will be shipped to. (Sometimes CanadaPost.ca is out of commission or busy and then you will only get the Zone Rates. Have no fear, your order will be shipped the best way and then any excess funds the Zone Rates charge will be refunded.)


You may or may not recognize the terms used on the shipping options, but only the options that apply to you are shown, so they are all available to you. The numbers inside the brackets (i.e., 2011-5-3) is the approximate date your order is expected to arrive at your destination. Please keep in mind that except for Xpresspost or Priority Courier which are guaranteed courier services, the dates are estimates and there is nothing anyone can do if your order does not arrive on time.


If you would like an estimate on shipping, simply fill your shopping cart with the items you would like and click on the "Estimate Shipping" button and fill in the blanks to tell the estimator where it is being shipping to and you will receive an estimate instantly. We no longer do manual quotes for materials or shipping as the shopping cart does it instantly!


EVERY order, once submitted and paid for, is assembled, packaged, weighed and processed within one business day. At the time of processing, the actual cost of shipping is invoiced (because we have all the variables sorted out) and if any additional freight has been charged by the shopping cart it is automatically refunded on that day.


Often the smaller articles can be popped into a bubble bag and will be about $10.00 for freight (up to $75.00 of materials) using Canada Post through to your country's postal system. Plastic beads are heavy and so they rarely qualify in this range, but as noted above, will ALWAYS be shipped using the least expensive means that protects your products and the excess will automatically be refunded as soon as we have the actual freight costs.


All shipping takes place the next business day. When you provide your email, you will also know when your shipment is leaving as we will send you a note that payment has been received and your order is going the next business day.

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