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As a small home-based operation, we are encouraged to keep working. As a rosary maker, I'm even more concerned that these materials are available. Most suppliers are working so some materials are fairly easy to obtain. What you will find is that shipping is painfully slow due to volume. That means materials coming in and your orders getting to you. We will continue to fill and ship your orders very promptly so please be patient with Canada Post and USPS. ALL carriers are extremely busy due to the volume of packages and they are hampered by social distancing keeping them from working at full speed.

Please keep safe and well while we pray for healing of souls as well as bodies.

God bless us all.


Monthly Specials For January

Sweet Candy
$52.20  $43.50
Save: 17% off
Rosary Flyers - 811
$0.26  $0.22
Save: 17% off

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