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Seven Sorrows of The Blessed Virgin Mary
(Abbreviated version)

Feast: September 15th, month of September, Saturday prior to Good Friday

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Method of Recitation:
Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chaplet

The medal set for this example is found in the "Chaplets Sets" section of the web site #221 for the antique silver or colour picture on antique silver is #222. (click the #221 or #222 to go directly there)

While we have not found a rule that this chaplet is required in one specific colour, black for mourning and the Servite Order habit are customary to reflect Our Lady of Sorrows. The beads used here are Job's Tears or Our Lady's Tears. As these beads are for Our Lady's tears they seemed appropriate.

A more complete explanation is contained on the Seven Sorrows full version page.

A) On the Medal pray an act of contrition (optional)
V. O God, come to my assistance
R. O Lord, make haste to help me
V. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost,
R. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

B) (skip the first 3 beads) At the centre medal, announce the first meditation. Then focus on the meditation while praying the Hail Mary.

Continue through the chaplet using these seven meditations with a Hail Mary for each:
1. The prophecy of Simeon
2. The flight into Egypt
3. The loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple
4. Mary meets Jesus carrying His cross
5. The Crucifixion
6. Mary receives the body of Jesus from the cross
7. The body of Jesus is placed in the tomb.

C) On the final 3 beads of the pendant pray an additional 3 Hail Marys in remembrance of the tears that Mary shed because of the suffering of her Divine Son. These are said to obtain true sorrow for our sins.

D) Again at the large medal:
V. Pray for us, O most sorrowful Virgin.
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

Let intercession be made for us, we beseech Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, now and at the hour of our death, before the throne of Thy mercy, by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Thy Mother, whose most holy soul was pierced by a sword of sorrow in the hour of Thy bitter Passion. Through Thee, O Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, Who with the Father and the Holy Ghost lives and reigns world without end. Amen. (383)
Optional Expanded Meditations #1: Optional Expanded Meditations #2:
1. Prophecy of Holy Simeon
O Virgin most sorrowful, by the bitter pain which thy soul did suffer when thy Son Jesus was presented in the Temple, and thou didst hear from the prophetic mouth of Simeon that He was set for the fall of many on account of their malice, and for a sign which should be contradicted, and that a sword should pierce thine own soul; I pray thee, obtain for me this grace that the infinite merits of Jesus may not be vain and unfruitful through my fault......Hail Mary, etc., O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

2. The Flight into Egypt
O Virgin most sorrowful, by the grief which thou didst suffer when, in order to withdraw thy most innocent Son from the cruelty of impious Herod, who was seeking Him to destroy Him, thou wast obliged in the midst of hardship and privation to flee by stealth into Egypt; obtain, I beseech thee, that I may never through sin force my Redeemer to leave my heart......Hail Mary...O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

3. Loss of Jesus in Jerusalem
O Virgin most sorrowful, by the anguish which thou didst suffer when, without any fault of thine, thou didst lose thy most beloved Son Jesus, Who had remained in the Temple to fulfill the will of the Eternal Father, and didst seek Him anxiously for three days; obtain for me the grace to find Jesus at once, if by misfortune I ever come to lose Him through sin......Hail Mary....O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

4. Jesus meets His Mother
O Virgin most sorrowful, by that keen grief with which thy soul was embittered when thou didst meet thy beloved Son on the way to Calvary, lacerated by the scourges, wet with blood, crowned with thorns, and bearing on His shoulders the heavy cross, on which He was to die for my salvation; obtain for me strength and courage, that, like thee, I may follow my Redeemer on the way of the cross, and submit myself with willingness to whatever tribulations it may please Him to send me......Hail Mary.....O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

5. Mary at the Foot of the Cross
O Virgin most sorrowful, and my sweet Mother Mary, since thou wert left to me as such by the last will of thy Jesus, by those unspeakable pangs which thou didst experience on Calvary at the foot of the cross, when, abandoned by all, despised by the people, given gall to drink, after three hours of agony and having cried out with a loud voice, thy dearest Son commended His spirit to His Eternal Father; obtain for me a great love of suffering, and the grace to love and serve thee as my most sorrowful Mother......Hail Mary......O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

6. Mary receives the Body of Jesus
O virgin most sorrowful, by that grief which so bitterly afflicted thy most pure soul, when thy well beloved Son, taken down from the cross, was placed in thy bosom, and thou didst see in all its detail the cruel torment which my sins had caused Him, soften, I pray thee, my ungrateful heart, that I may bewail my sins and learn truly to compassionate thee.......Hail Mary......O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

7. Mary returns from the Tomb
O Virgin most sorrowful, by the bitter grief which thou didst bear when thou didst accompany the inanimate body of thy beloved Jesus and wert constrained to consign Him to the tomb; grant that the memory of His sacred Passion and Death may be deeply impressed on my heart, and that I may be consumed with love for my God and for thee, my sweetest Mother......Hail Mary.....O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us.

from: Seven Sorrows Prayers of Father Jerome,
Servants of Mary - Mother House
P.O. Box "SS" Chicago, Il.
1) The prophecy of Simeon
"And you yourself a sword will pierce so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed." (Luke 2:35)
Simeon prophesied that the Christ Child would be the Light to the nations. But those who follow the Light will have their hearts pierced with a sword. For as Christ was rejected and despised by others, as he suffered and died, so will all those who follow him. "O Mary, give us a heart humble and strong so as to walk in the Light of your Son.".......Hail Mary

2) The flight into Egypt
"Joseph rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed for Egypt." (Matthew 2:14)
Evil always seeks to destroy good. Herod was afraid of losing his power and riches, so he sought to destroy the Christ Child. Mary, therefore, fled with her child into Egypt. Do the pride and selfishness, the jealousies and prejudices in our hearts drive Christ away from us? May we travel with Mary and Christ and flee the glory, fame and riches of this world. "O Mary watch over us in our journey through this valley of tears."......Hail Mary

3) The loss of the Child Jesus
"But not finding him, they returned to Jerusalem to look for him." (Luke 2:45)
What is it that we are seeking in this life? Beauty, power, riches? Mary sought only to do the will of God. When she found that her Son was gone she left everything behind in order to go and search for him. Are we willing to leave all and go searching for Christ? As Jesus said, "If you wish to be my disciple, then go, sell all that you have and give it to the poor and then come and follow me." "O Mary, help us to seek not the things of this world, but only Christ, your Son.".....Hail Mary

4) Mary meets Jesus carrying His cross
"Like a sheep he was led to the slaughter, and as a lamb before its shearer is silent, so he opened not his mouth." (Isaiah 53:7)
The oppression of the poor; the starving children; the sick in the hospitals; those dying from disease and old age; the forgotten and abandoned; those persecuted because of the colour of their skin or their faith-in all these things we too meet the Crucified Lord in his suffering and rejection and death. "O Mary, help us to comfort those who carry the cross of your Son."..........Hail Mary

5) The Crucifixion
"Woman, behold, your son.' Then he said to the disciple, 'Behold, your mother.'" (John 19:26-27)
Seeing his mother there with the disciple whom he loved, Jesus entrusted all of humanity to his Mother: "Woman, there is your Son". In turn he offered his mother to all his disciples: "There is your Mother". In the midst of our sufferings and sorrows the Mother of Jesus is always there at our side. "O Mary comforter of the afflicted, comfort us in our sufferings.".........Hail Mary

6) Mary receives the body of Jesus from the cross
"But he was pierced for our offenses, crushed for our sins...by his stripes we were healed." (Isaiah 53:5)
Picture Mary embracing the body of her Son after His crucifixion. What tenderness and undying love! May we embrace others in their suffering and dying and be a source of strength and consolation for them. "O Mary, give us arms to reach out and embrace all those who are broken and hurting in our world."......Hail Mary

7) The body of Jesus is placed in the tomb
"To what can I liken or compare you, O daughter Jerusalem? What example can I show you for your comfort, virgin daughter Zion?" (Lamentations 2:13)
When "sister death" comes to call for us, Mary, carry us gently to our place of rest, confident that we have loved and forgiven; healed and helped others; loved God and our neighbor as your Son asked us. And pray for us at the hour of death that we might rise with your Son and live in his kingdom where he lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.......Hail Mary

from: Meditation on the Seven Sorrows of Mary by Fr. Patrick Greenough, OFM CONV.