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Chaplet of the Holy Family

Feast: Sunday between Christmas and the Feast of Mary,
Mother of God (January 1st), and
the Month of February

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Method of Recitation:

The centre of this chaplet is the #277a Holy Family centre in gilt. Nickel is also available as #276a.

The medal shown here is #708 in gilt (gold-tone). There is also an antique silver alternative as #751.

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Trinity Mission
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1) Apostles Creed

2) Blessed be the earthly Trinity, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

3) Jesus, only begotten Son of the Heavenly Father, Saviour and Redeemer of the world, Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, foster Son of St. Joseph, we pray to you to save all families.
4) Holy Mary, Mother of God, blessed among all women, spouse of the Holy Spirit, wife of St. Joseph, handmaid of the Father, we pray for all families to be saved.
5) St. Joseph, head of the Holy family, foster father of Jesus, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, patron saint of the Holy Catholic Apostolic church of Rome, we pray for all families to be saved.

6) On the Our Father beads: Blessed be the earthly Trinity, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

7) On each Hail Mary bead: Jesus, Mary and Joseph we love you. We pray for all families to become sisters and brothers in Chris Jesus.
Repeat #6 and #7 through the 5 decades.

8) Let us pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, You have blessed your children with the Holy Family. We pray through the intercession of St. Joseph to take us to the Holy Family so that we will be united as brothers and sisters. We pray that St. Joseph will lead us on the path he took for Jesus and Mary, and will protect all families in Your love and guidance. We ask this in the name of Thy beloved Son Jesus, who came into this world from the heavens and proved that there isn't anything more beautiful than a family. O Blessed Father, so powerful, and merciful, and loving, we praise and thank You for all families. Amen.